Attachments should be emailed to by noon on October 12.  Please include your agency name in the subject line for the email.

List of attachments:

  • Attachment A: copy of the agency’s 501( c ) 3 letter of determination
  • Attachment B: A copy of the agency’s most recent annual audit (if the agency is requesting more than $25,000)
    • Applicants without an annual audit may submit audited financial statements
    • All financial documentation should be audited by an individual who is not affiliated with the agency
  • Attachment C: A copy of the agency’s income and expense report
    • Most recently closed fiscal year: This information should be presented for the fiscal year ending sometime between August 2014 and July 2015, dependent upon your agency’s fiscal calendar.
  • Attachment D:  .A copy of the agency’s income and expense report for the month of August, 2015.
  • Attachment E: A list of the agency Board of Directors
    • Please note professional affiliations, officers, terms of service, and expertise contributed. (See below for sample chart)
  • Attachment F (if applicable):  Any EFSP compliance exceptions from the most recent funding phase in this jurisdiction or others.
  • Attachment G (if applicable):  Any relevant correspondence/documentation regarding findings/compliance issues from other funding sources over the last two years.